Feel free to steal them too if you’d like.

A person standing on a mountain at sunset.

There’s this feeling that I crave. It’s the feeling of learning something. Something insightful. Something life-altering. I love it. I search it out. In conversations with others, in the books I read, in the podcasts I listen to, I’m constantly searching for more. It’s exciting. It’s rewarding. I can almost…

You don’t need motivation to get things done; all you need is a reliable system.

A device tracking voltage.

Motivation is the sugar-rush of your desires. It is exciting, energizing, and oh-so-yummy… until you get a stomach ache and need to take a nap. It’s short-lived, short-term, temporary. It is not to be counted on for any real results or efforts.

It’s a lie that you need it in…

I felt great. I still do.

A person squatting down in prayer.

There are a few keystone habits in the world of self-improvement.

A decade ago, when I first started reading books on the topic, the big ones were (and for the most part still are): exercise, meditation, organization, mindfulness, reading, a good morning routine, and gratitude.

Since then, gratitude has always…

Corey Fradin

Founder of QuickBooost, a blog that helps you achieve your goals and a fulfilling life. | https://quickbooost.com/ebook/

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